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Written by tcl

February 10, 2021

The first three ideas on this list were somewhat conventional, either taking advantage of your current job or living like travelers have done for centuries. The modern world has opened up a number of exciting new opportunities, however, with technology continuing to inspire new ways of working and creating value in the community. For example, if you want to sell physical products to a hungry market, you are no longer limited to market stalls and festival sites.

  • Selling stuff online is easier than ever before, either through local marketplaces, global auction sites, or niche e-commerce stores. There are lots of options available to you, from selling belongings you don’t use anymore through to drop shipping and setting up your own web-based retail store.
  • Selling personal belongings is easy on sites like eBay and Craigslist, with some travelers buying unique items as they move around the country and selling them on for a profit.
  • Drop shipping is another popular way to make money while living the boat life. Drop shipping is a form of supply chain management where you move stock directly from wholesalers to customers. Drop shipping is perfect for the boat lifestyle because it relies on marketing and distribution management and doesn’t need any storage.
  • Starting your own small online business is another great idea, with Etsy and other e-commerce websites allowing travelers to find and reach out to customers directly. The trick, like always, is to select a profitable niche, analyze your market, and optimize your online presence.

While selling physical products can be a great way to make money while you move around the country, it can also create a number of challenges. Operating an e-commerce website may free you from renting a shopfront, but you still have to create and distribute physical products. As you might imagine, this can be tough when you live in a boat.

Operating a drop shipping business offers another layer of abstraction because you don’t have to deal with physical products at all and can focus entirely on distribution and marketing. This can still be challenging, however, with ongoing communication needed between suppliers, customers, and distribution networks.

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