Make Your Own Digital Products

Written by tcl

February 10, 2021

If you enjoy writing, producing or sourcing visual content, and designing user interfaces or experiences, you may be interested in making your own digital products. Sometimes called an e-product, a digital product could be an e-book, a music file, or a software application, among other products. Internet radio, podcasts, and streaming services also fall into this category, with many websites also offering subscription services with unique content for subscribers.

While creating a good digital product is much harder than writing content or creating logos alone, there is also an opportunity to make much more money. The internet has a global reach, which means you can potentially sell your product to millions of people from all walks of life. For example, you can publish your own e-book and sell it on the Amazon Self-Publishing platform, produce your own music album and sell it on Bandcamp, or make an amazing mobile game and sell it at the App Store.

A successful e-product requires the combination of multiple skills and technologies, however, from market and niche analysis through to product creation and marketing. Creating a good product is not enough in isolation – you need to find your market and communicate your message to the community. While creating a valuable online product can be a tough task for just one person, there are opportunities for people to work together online and pool their resources.

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