How much money are you prepared to invest in your boat?

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July 26, 2020

The overall cost is an important parameter when planning your purchase. The price tag is not telling you everything.

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Being a boat owner is like taking an ice cold shower, while tearing up 100-dollar bills

I am not trying to scare anyone away. But being a boat owner is quite often a very expensive title to bear. The perks are great, but there will constantly be expenses for repairs, renewal of equipment, and of course all the fixed costs of the berth, insurance, and not least cost of ownership – a price tag you will not know before you sell the boat again. Taking everything into consideration will not make it cheaper, but it will give peace of mind as you will be prepared.

Approaching the used boats market

As is also the case with cars, some brands and models are just easier to sell and uphold prices better. This is an important parameter to calculate in. Unless you are very knowledgeable of the boat market, I will always suggest you use a professional appraiser who can evaluate used boats and prepare a detailed report. This report will shine a light on the condition of the hull, sails, engine and other major parts, and can prepare you for investments you will likely have to make in order to have a boat in good shape. Getting professional help purchasing a boat should most likely help you think clearly and see the whole picture. A professional assess insurance, berth, maintenance, as well as operating costs. Yes, it will cost you the better part of $500, but for most, a boat is a large investment and this is not where you’ll want to cut costs.

Buying a new boat

It is not for everyone, but buying a new boat is of course great. You get it exactly as you want it, there is a smell of new boat and the boatyard gives you a guarantee. Just remember to still evaluate the resale price, and keep in mind, that there is a steep loss of value as soon as you have left the boatyard. And again, when shopping for a new boat, the price tag is most likely the starting price. After adding the equipment you will want on board, the price might just be 20-40% higher.

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Whether you decide on a new boat or a used one, you will also want to think about winter storage, engine preservation, and crane lift costs. If it all adds up to a level that is stressing your personal finances, it will impact the joy of sailing. Settling for a smaller and cheaper boat, will not make sailing less exciting and fun.

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