Things to Consider When Buying a Boat

Written by tcl

July 26, 2020

Once you have been out on the water, felt the wind and the waves, and experienced how you can harvest speed from the elements of nature, you will soon start dreaming of having your own boat.

But without proper knowledge and a good deal of experience, it is difficult to make an informed decision about which boat to buy. And since they come in many flavors and are incredibly different, it is important to choose the right boat. And which one is that? The one that suits you and your needs. Here are some things to consider when buying a boat, or rather before you start researching, that can hopefully help you decide.

No two sailboats are alike

It hardly comes as a surprise to anyone but sailboats are not just different – many boat types have completely different uses. An Olympic 49er dinghy and a 10-ton cruising boat with in-mast furling mainsail share only that they both float, have a mast, and are propelled forward by the wind.

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What is sailing to you?

Is it a relaxing holiday with a minimum of physical exertion or an elite sport? It can last for an hour or several weeks, or it can be your life for years. It can take place in lakes or on the high seas. There isn’t a boat that fits everything. Most sailings take place somewhere between these extremes. And many all-round boats can do a little of everything and offer a sensible compromise. But no matter which boat you choose, it will be good for certain types of sailing, and bad for others. Boats are designed to meet certain needs and properties are assigned to them accordingly. If you choose to prioritize one characteristic you are probably also deprioritizing another.

At a boat show full of newly polished boats and salespeople with equally polished sales arguments, it can be difficult to maintain an overview of one’s own real needs and priorities. On the other hand, when visiting brokers of used boats, eagerness and dreams can block healthy skepticism and necessary, thorough examinations of the boat – things that require professional knowledge. Therefore, be prepared, know what to look for, know how to possibly find help – and not least: spend some time clearly defining what it is you really want in a sailboat.

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