Be Your Own Boss and Live Boatlife

Written by tcl

July 26, 2020

Imagine being able to work from anywhere in the world using only your laptop! Just imagine the kind of flexibility and freedom that would bring! No wonder people from all over the world are taking action and educate themselves on the digital skills needed to thrive in the new modern digital world.

You’ve seen all the YouTube videos from individuals and couples just living on their boats while travelling for years. Enviably, right?

And you ask yourself, how do they do it? I know I did! Did they just inherit a pile of money, or win the lottery?

Well, maybe some just got lucky, but that’s not the case with most adventurers. They have skills that enables them to live boat life and at the same time have an income that can support their lifestyle.

Is Boat Life for Me?

Before you quit your job, buy a boat and set out to conquer the world, you will need to find out, if boat life is really you.

You need the skills of sailing a boat, do repairs of sails, engine, electricity on board, the rig, pumps, you name it. You can probably learn as you go along but you need to find out if it is for you.

One recommended way to find out if boatlife is for you – is to try it! Many of the sailors going around the world or across a major ocean, sell spots on board as crew member. In fact it often contributes to the finances of their project. And you don’t necessarily have to participate in the most demanding part of the route. A week on board from point A to B will give you a pretty good indication if this life is for you. There is much more to living on a boat, than just being on board. You are confining yourself with other people in a very limited space for a long time. Now, we are not all alike but the experience will give you good insights into how you react but also to how you would like things to be.


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