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Boat Exchange

Sailing the same waters on each holiday? Of course, sailing on your own boat has its perks. You know the boat, it has exactly the features, size and equipment you need. Sometimes though, wouldn’t it be great if you could sail the Mediterranean, Caribbean, along Great Barrier Reef or wherever you fancy. Connect with other boat owners and exchange boat for your next holiday


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There are tons of equipment out there for your maritime life. I will share my findings and urge you to do the same. Product reviews, tests, and not least experiences using a given product can prove helpful for all. You are invited to share your advice and great tips.

Killer Whales Attacking Sail Boats

In the last two months, from southern to northern Spain, sailors have sent distress calls after worrying encounters. Two boats lost part of their rudders, at least one crew member suffered bruising from the impact of the ramming, and several boats sustained...

What is your sailing ambition?

In a previous post I highlighted the fact that you need to look at what your sailing ambitions are and how you plan to utilise the boat.     Living Boatlife If your boat is going to take you on an adventure, it needs to be capable of withstanding the rigors...

Taking Measures Against Guano

Isn't it just annoying that your fine teak deck gets smothered in bird crap, or guano which I have learned is the correct name. Somehow, it seems the birds are watching you, right? It never fails. Every time I have cleaned the deck, birds - primarily gulls - are...

How much money are you prepared to invest in your boat?

The overall cost is an important parameter when planning your purchase. The price tag is not telling you everything. Being a boat owner is like taking an ice cold shower, while tearing up 100-dollar bills I am not trying to scare anyone away. But being a boat owner is...

Are You Going To Race?

You need to look for a lightweight boat with a high stability factor and a large, trimmable rigg, if you are considering participating in regattas or other competitions. Also, decide whether you want to sail racing in a certain boat class or whether you want to sail...

Things to Consider When Buying a Boat

Once you have been out on the water, felt the wind and the waves, and experienced how you can harvest speed from the elements of nature, you will soon start dreaming of having your own boat. But without proper knowledge and a good deal of experience, it is difficult...

How About These Houseboats?

As around 90 percent of the world’s largest cities are located at a waterfront, living on or near the water has always been attractive - to begin with even practical. The cities’ most expensive square meters or square feet are often located with a view of the water....


Sailing as travel or lifestyle can give long lasting friendships, incredible experiences, and unimaginable freedom. Connecting with nature on a boat is connecting with yourself, learning human skills and meeting other cultures. All of which might just change your life.

Crew finder / Captain seeker

Going somewhere? Crossing the ocean? Need help sailing your boat home? Do you need to find a crew, or do you want to be a crew member, then our crew exchange might be just the right choice. Reach out to fellow sailors and gain knowledge and perhaps a friend.

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